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Natural Lamps

CITRN Salt Crystal Lamps are made from Natural Salt Crystal created by nature million of years ago and hundreds of meters underground from foothills of the Himalayan, Pakistan. Himalaya has the largest salt deposits in the world with 1290 running miles and can last another 365 years by improving our air quality and healing many diseases. Natural salt lamps are available from 1.80 Kg to 100 Kg

Crafted Lamps

CITRN is manufacturer and World Wide Exporter of Himalayan crafted salt lamps. we have hundred of designs available in crafted salt lamps. In Crafted salt lamps we made Diamond shape, Tear, Globe, Pyramid, Mushroom, Cylinder, Flower, Egg shape, Foot ball, Vase, Salt lamp bowl, Salt Christmas Lamp, Salt lamp cube, Flame Shape salt lamp etc OR custom design.

Natural Candle Holders

NATURAL CRYSTAL SALT CANDLE HOLDERS very special candle lamps are hand-carved from rock salt crystals mined in Pakistan, and bored-out so that a single tea light candle fits inside. The crystal is translucent, so the tea-light candle flame produces a beautiful glow. In addition to serving as a beautiful, decorative, and safe candle holder, the Himalayan Crystal Light, when warmed by the candle flame, emits negative ions. These ions cleanse the air by removing dust, pollen, dander, and cigarette smoke. The also offset the harmful radiation produced by computer monitors, TV's, and other electrical devices.

Crafted Candle Holders

CITRN is one of the main and well reputed manufacture and exporter for highest salt candle holder/tea lights. Our Salt Candle Holder or Salt Tea Light are finely crafted and made from most excellent quality Himalayan Salt. Here you can find both natural as well as crafted salt crystal tea light candle holders. We are providing a huge collection of salt lamps and salt tea light candle holders. Animal shaped salt candle holders are available here at cheap prices as well as you can also find the flower shaped salt tea light.

Aroma Lamps

Aromatherapy is the practice of using natural oils to enhance psychological and physical well-being. Himalayan Natural Salt Aroma Therapy diffuser Lamp get the benefits of both a salt lamp and aroma therapy with this lovely lamp. Aroma therapy is the ancient art of healing and beautifying through scent. A natural method of care for mind body and soul.

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